Kind Words

“Leah was a life-saver for me and my family. With the joy and love that came with my daughter’s birth, also came intense anxiety and insomnia. I am so fortunate that a friend gave me Leah’s name as an option for help during this challenging time.”

“Leah was such a blessing to have in our home during such a sensitive time. She is sweet, kind, smart, self-led, and really knowledgeable about being a new mom.”

She was wonderful with our daughter, helped her get started in life with her first carrier naps and baths. Both my husband and I looked forward to her time with us each week -- she just seemed to know what we needed help with and was also great with our 3 pups; a true caretaker. I'd highly recommend Leah for any growing family.

- Erica

It was always so comfortable and comforting knowing she was around, had been around, or was on her way over. Leah was always encouraging and helpful when we needed an ear or a sounding board, and she usually knew what we needed before we even knew it. Thinking back on it, we miss the way she’d effortlessly take on our son, our dogs, and our mess all at once with grace. She’d send us off to bed for a few hours to recharge and we would awaken to a happy house (usually with a delicious treat!). We couldn’t recommend anyone more as a postpartum doula, friend or support.


“Leah came into our lives like more than family from the start. She was gentle, kind and supportive of our entire house.”

“The moment Leah came to our house and sat down to talk with me on the couch, I felt so reassured. She listened and knew how to jump right in to assist me. Her calm, kind, thoughtful, and energetic demeanor brought such a sense of peace to our home. Whether it was teaching me how to use the carrier, coming up with sleeping solutions, helping me meal plan, making meals, trouble shooting breastfeeding problems, holding and caring for my month old baby while I got a much needed moment to shower, or just taking time to listen to my struggles with new motherhood - Leah’s support was invaluable. I will always be grateful for her care during such a vulnerable life transition.”


“My family and I feel so blessed to know Leah. She is an incredibly kind, giving person who has a true gift when it comes to nurturing and caring for others. After the birth of our second child, during a time when emotions and anxieties were at their peak as I tried to figure out how to be a mom of two, Leah was there for us. She was a gentle, supportive, caring, knowledgeable presence who listened to my fears, provided valuable insight and perspective, and made my oldest daughter feel so special, loved, and cared for.”

- Christy

“She's just wonderful with my daughter, my dog, my husband, and myself. When she first started coming I'm sure we looked like zombies but she knew what to do. She would gently suggest I go to bed and it felt great to sleep knowing my daughter was being cared for by someone so loving. I'm eternally grateful that she has been a part of the beginning of our new family, and know she will continue to be just as amazing to any family lucky enough to have her.”

- Amy

“Leah is simply a wonderful human being. She came into our home with lots of warmth, understanding, gentleness and wisdom. I felt very comfortable to have her in my home, giving me breaks to shower and have a little me time, while she was taking care of our baby girl. Leah listens thoroughly, remembers conversations and continues the thread even weeks later. She has a great sense of humor and teaches awesome baby massage!! We love her and recommend her to every mom, dad and baby.”

- Nadja

“We were so blessed to have Leah as a postpartum doula! Being new parents and new to the area Leah provided the support we needed at home as well as with connecting us to the community as new parents.”

We had her support for 6 weeks after the birth of our baby girl. She was always on time and ready to help in any area we needed- from laundry, to grocery shopping, meal prep, dish washing, and was supportive to our emotional needs. We really value her service, we trust and appreciate the quality of care we received with her doula services.

- Jessica

"Leah was absolutely amazing! She was extremely helpful both before and after I gave birth, helping me by caring for my physical and emotional needs before and after I gave birth to my son. She knew right away what I needed, and most of the time I didn’t even need to ask; she just knew. She was so gentle and such a calming presence during that incredibly hectic time, and even provided some much needed encouragement and rest for my husband, who was having a stressful time adjusting to the new responsibilities of fatherhood. Would highly recommend! 5+ stars."

- Hannah


Your story matters. You are worthy of compassion. You deserve to thrive.